LBS TEAM is a marketing and communication agency that has been connecting brands with their audiences since 2009. We provide help in launching new brands and products for entrepreneurs, inventors, organizations, and companies around the globe!


Public Relations

Our experience in public relations and extensive media contacts have helped many businesses reach their audiences and profoundly engage with communities. 

We create winning concepts to present your ideas and products, make custom-built media contact lists targeted to your industry, craft press materials, and engage in direct contact with media representatives.

LBS Team excels in public relations, leveraging extensive media contacts and innovative concepts to effectively engage audiences and connect businesses with their industries. We nurture relationships and invest time in creating bonding experiences using:

  • External communications
  • Internal communications
  • Employee engagement
  • Advocacy programs
  • Media relations

Corporate Communications

We use communications to engage people in movement and positive action! With a data-driven approach, we guide companies and organizations in connecting all aspects of corporate communications for a common purpose, with continuous leadership inspiring action.
We pay attention to your employees by evolving culture and building internal marketing campaigns. In the field of corporate communications, we are proficient in:

  • Thought leadership and storytelling
  • Speechwriting
  • Employee engagement
  • Social strategy
  • Event strategy

Crisis Communications

In a world of perpetual change, we need communication to provide clear messages even during hardships. In crisis communications, we insist on awareness, responsiveness, and humility while strengthening your:

  • Brand reputation
  • Crisis and issues management
  • Crises preparedness

CSR, ESG & Community engagement

We are here to align sustainability and social impact strategy with your brand purpose. We build strategies, activate programs, engage communities, and communicate for a greater impact with:

  • Environmental Social Governance (ESG) / Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, consulting, and reporting
  • Narrative and message development
  • Program and partnership development
  • Employee engagement in sustainability and social impact initiatives
  • Stakeholder and influencer engagement
  • Executive platform development on sustainability and social impact issues
  • Community engagement activities


To tell a good story, you start with finding your burning purpose. We help you to identify and communicate your mission using:

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Creating and editing content on different digital platforms
  • Stakeholder and influencer engagement
  • Engagement analysis
  • Social listening reports
  • Video production

Social Media

We live in an interconnected world. Our job is to direct you how to communicate your service or a product to various audiences by:

  • Creating, managing, and updating channels
  • Setting up marketing and sales campaigns
  • Building a target audience for individual campaigns
  • Collecting leads campaigns, conversion campaigns, and pixel code campaigns
  • Creating influencer and celebrity strategy and execution

Product Campaigns

Launching new products and maintaining the image of existing products requires creativity. Our expertise in various sectors allows us to create specific strategies for different clients using:

  • Positioning and messaging
  • Market entry
  • User case studies
  • Campaign strategy
  • Event development and execution


The world of events has changed for good. We’re here to convey your message – online, hybrid, or in person.

Let us prepare and lead you through your events:

  • Conferences
  • Online events, workshops, or webinars
  • Hackathons
  • Community events
  • Product launches
  • Press conferences and briefings


We are enthusiastic about learning new skills and transferring our knowledge. Our coaches are experienced in working individually and in groups and providing short- and long-term training sessions in:

  • Public appearances
  • Public speech
  • Crisis communications
  • Mentoring
  • Employee engagement
  • Digital marketing

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